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Friend of the Court

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Child Support Account Link And Information
Further information from the State of Michigan about changing a child support order.
Federal Tax Refund Waiver
The Michigan State Disbursement Unit Website- Login for Payments
Friend of the Court Handbook
The Handbook contains an overview of Friend of the Court duties and procedures. It also outlines the rights and obligations of parties in domestic relations cases.
Parenting Time Handbook
This Handbook contains an overview of parenting time considerations for parties to domestic relations cases.
Frequently Asked Questions Concerning New Yearly $25 Collection Fee
Effective September 2008, the Federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 requires the collection of an annual $25 fee from custodial parents on certain child support cases.
Motion Regarding Change of Domicile/Legal Residence
Motion Regarding Change of Domicile/Legal Residence with Instructions
Branch County Parenting Time Model
Branch County Parenting Time Model. This is the new version of our standard policy approved by Judge and Referee.
Tax Refund Release Form
This form is for child support payers who have had their tax refunds intercepted for application to past due support. This form authorizes the Friend of the Court to apply money to other past due accounts like fees and costs.
Current Spouse Release Form
This form should be used when a joint tax filing has been made and a current spouse wishes to waive any right to a portion of the tax refund so that the entire tax refund can be applied to a past due child support obligation owed by the other spouse.
Parenting Time Model
Standard approved parenting time model
Notice of Hearing form
This form should be used when hearings are being scheduled before the Referee or the Judge
Courtroom Rules of Conduct
Rules of behavior and dress issued by the Circuit Court and in effect for judicial hearings in all Courts including Magistrate and Referee matters.
Objection to Referee's Recommended order with instructions
Objection to Referee's Recommended Order with Instructions

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